September 22, 2019

It’s been a strange last few weeks. Our assistant store manager trainee got promoted to assistant store manager then within a week was transferred to another location. It sucks. She was helpful and will be missed.

Our store manager’s last day was last Thursday. He was given a store in a much different environment with a task to “turn it around”. I’m incredibly sad to see him go. He was the first store manager who actually helped me be a better pharmacy manager.

My full-time technician has to have a hysterectomy and will be out 6 weeks. Fortunately, I have about 6 weeks before then to find some extra help. The applicants have not been coming though.

One of my new technicians asked for her hours to be cut, so there’s less help. In good news with her, she has been learning and gaining confidence thus being more effective and helpful when she works.

One of the front-end employees that is licensed and cross-trained put in her 2 weeks notice to take a job with better hours and pay. She’ll be missed, too.

Personnel management is the hardest part of being a pharmacy manager. It’s not just the discipline side. Scheduling and hiring can be just as tough. Next month starts annual review talks with staff members. Here’s hoping they are productive and not ignored. I am nervous about the talk with my staff pharmacist. He is going to have to go on probation so to speak since his performance is pretty awful. More to come later…

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