October 7, 2019

Flu shot season is in full swing. We did 100 flu shots alone last week and probably 20 non-flu shots, too. My staff pharmacist is struggling to keep things running. I just consider the shots as part of workflow and don’t let it interrupt my day. Yeah, it can get crazy when 5 families show up at the same time, but it’s manageable. My techs know how to get everything together and how to stage the shots, so it should be fine. My staff pharmacist just needs to let it work instead of fighting it.

Today is the first day we can officially give annual reviews. I dread this time of year. I feel like there is no time during the year to actively manage performance other than day-to-day coaching. Deep conversations would be more effective, but we’re bare-bones staff-wise. There is simply not time for it. Even if I went to work on my day off, it would hurt the pharmacy taking someone out of workflow. That frustrates me no end.

On a good note, my reputation for giving excellent shots remains. Patients have been excited to see I am present and the one to provide the shots. Afterward, they often exclaim how painless and easy it was. It makes me happy to have such good technique.

Otherwise, I’m still trying to hire another tech. With my full-timer going on disability in a month, I’m a little panicked about not having help. I interviewed a woman yesterday, and I’m hopeful she’ll accept the offer. Time will tell.

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